Waves Pythonic is the Sound Recorder which captures and encodes sound to mp3 format file.


   sndrec -startrec -hide -timer=12:35:23
   -noskin        Use system default skin
   -startrec      Start recording at start
   -startplay     Starts playing at start
   -hide          Hides/minimizes program

   -timer=HH:MM:SS   Sets shutdown timer
      -noquit           Do not close program window
      -nostop           Do not stop (Recording/Playing)
      -autoexec         Run defined command


sndrec Sunday.mp3 -startrec -timer=00:30:00 -autoexec="mv Sunday.mp3 7.mp3"
This will start recording Sunday.mp3 file.
--> 30 min. STOP recording, execute "mv Sunday.mp3 7.mp3", and QUIT.

sndrec Sun.mp3 -startrec -timer=01:00:00 -hide -autoexec="shutdown -s"
--> write 1hr mp3 to file "Sun.mp3" and shut down the system

sndrec -startplay business.mp3 -timer=00:23:00 -autoexec="sndrec -startplay Break.mp3 -timer=00:00:05" -nostop -noquit
--> Wait 23 minutes playing business.mp3 then, play Break.mp3; continue playing business.mp3

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